How do you benefit?
It’s simple:

Typical Agent

Finances prior to 5W

£550 per week

£28,600 per annum

*NET Rent Achieved: £22,188.93

Management and Let fee's 15%: £4,290

AST Cost: £100

Inventory: £145

Deposit Registration Fee: £12

Keys: £12

Void @12 days avrg: £940.27

VAT 20%: £911.80

NET: £22,188.93

5W Property Agent

Rent Offer

£470 per week

£24,440 per annum

*NET Rent Achieved: £24,440

Management and Let fee's: No Fee

AST Cost: N/A

Inventory: FREE

Deposit Registration Fee: FREE

Keys: FREE

Void: N/A


NET: £24,440

*numbers being used are an example and should not be taken accurately, please contact branch to speak to a consultant

What is your net rent?

Most agents don’t talk about net rent. They would rather tell you how much you could make before overheads and fees are deducted to lull you into a false sense of security.
At Fivedoubleu, we thought it was about time for a little transparency. So, we opted for the logical solution: operating entirely on net rent.

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